QRS - Quantum States Defined


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All our technical achievements and knowledge are not enough to explain how the human body and biology in general manage their energetic and informational tasks. Obviously they handle this more efficiently than our technology is able to. When biological systems violate the law of energy conservation, as can be observed at migratory birds which travel enormous distances without losing weight corresponding to the energy they spend, or the fish that continuously swim against the current.

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Biostar Technology

Biostar Technology International, LLC, manufactures and develops hardware and software to scan the vibrations of all living biological systems. Biostar is the only company that owns the Copyrights and Trademarks to many innovative works like Vector Expert or Biostar Veritas. Its mainstream professional device is a biofeedback device called Biostar-NLS, which uses an electromagnetic noise generating field to detect the various frequencies of the human body. The latest device offered by Biostar Technology is the Biostar-Q, based on the MARS III hardware made by Bruce Copen Laboratories in Germany, a pioneer company with 70+ years of experience in the field of radionics and bio-resonance technology.

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